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November 9, 2018
Post by Contributing Author, Tara Heller

We made it! Well actually, the Frasers made it to North Carolina!!! But we made it through the dreadful Droughtlander! Now we can bask in the glow of North Carolina and Fraser’s Ridge from our TV!

What a packed episode and the second episode is looking to be even more packed or maybe that was an extended version of what’s to come! WOW!

Starting off, I thought the beginning sequence was quite interesting with the EARLY (almost neanderthal like) inhabitants of the Americas and the stone circles.

Then when those words and numbers appeared on the screen ‘NORTH CAROLINA 1767’, I’m pretty sure I heard a collective cheer from every North Carolina Outlander fan! I turned to my husband and said, I’m sure the North Carolinians either squealed or cheered when they finally saw that.

Right off, I thought the set was amazing! Those buildings looked amazing!

It was rough seeing Hayes hung and seeing Jamie and Lesley go through that. Am I the only one who thought Bonnet had some fancy footwork getting out of that town square?

The opening credits blue grassy style is such a good change. Yes, I will miss the bagpipes. I mean, come on who won’t? However, we are in N.C. now. It’s the soon to be Southern style of music so let’s get use to it, aye?

I loved Lesley’s singing in Gaelic, joined by the rest of the family and then the rest of the tavern.

I felt terrible for Ian as he had a PTSD flashback to Geilis. It was nice despite the circumstances for Ian and Jamie to have that moment and connected. Throughout the earlier scenes with Bonnet, I kept shouting “Don’t trust him!”

The moment Jamie and Claire had in the woods was what I think we all needed. We needed to know that they were the same Jamie and Claire we always knew. It has been a long and tough ride since Claire went back through the stones, reunited with Jamie, went on the cross ocean voyage, were separated again and then were shipwrecked. They needed that connection and probably a vacation.

I sighed when Jamie said,

“After you left me, after Culloden I was dead, and all that time I loved you.

When my body dies, my soul will still be yours. Nothing is lost, Sassenach, only changed.”

There’s just something about that statement and how he said it with his Scottish lilt that got me. I can’t describe it, but I will try. It’s spiritual and I don’t know if it’s I wish my husband would whisper sweet nothings like that to me by a campfire or what but it gave me gooseys and continues to every dang time I hear it, thanks to one Sam Hueghan.

I’m sure it was a bit confusing for non book readers as to who were all the dinner guests at Lillington’s but one or two rather that I recognized were Phillip Wylie and his sister, Judith. What a little twit she is! Will we see more from them? Time will tell!

When they were back in the ‘family huddle’ and Fergus revealed that Marsali was expecting, I loved Jamie’s response was so sweet. I’m not sure what was going on with Claire’s response. Fear for her? Was it what they wanted? If you recall, she had mentioned to Claire that she wanted to enjoy being married to Fergus first before having little wee bairns running around. I don’t blame her! But then again that day in age it was almost expected after tying the knot.

On the road again, or down the river rather- Jamie shared a bit about his Aunt Jocasta. To me it was reminiscent of the Wedding Night scene when Jamie the Storyteller told Claire stories about his family. He had his storyteller voice on and it just made me laugh. I sighed when Jamie presented Claire with the medical chest! It was better than I even imagined! And then when he said,

“24 years ago I married ye, Sassenach, I hope I haven’t ever given you cause to regret it.”

Sigh….he had that little twinkle in his eye. Was he getting teary eyed? I don’t know, but it was sweet and special.

And then it happened that night, the invasion. Bonnet that slippery snake! He had heard everything they had planned and knew what possessions they had on them. Just when the American Dream was beginning for them, it turned into a nightmare! At first, the piano caught me off guard. At first I felt like I was on a Louisiana River boat or something. I hadn’t remembered a piano being on board nor thought it could fit! And then it hit or rather they hit! Bonnet and his thieving men! I felt so violated for them. Honestly, I think the music fit. I know, I know, such controversy but honestly would you wanted to totally hear all the punches and sounds of Jamie getting the crap kicked out of him or Claire’s gasps and cries? Not me! Could they have picked another song? Sure! Are we the producers and writers? Nope! We don’t have a say. Sorry!

And the ring! Frank’s ring was left! I heard (SPOILER ALERT) that it will logistically be easier for Brianna to identify Jamie’s ring down the road and try to recover it. Her mom wore that ring her life when she was growing up so she knows what it looks like. It’s distinct. Either that or Jamie could possibly get Claire a ring that looks more so like the book version of the ring. Food for thought….

What a cliff hanger though! I can’t wait to see how things get all sorted out.

I’m so glad to have the show back on the air. It feels like I’m reunited with old friends! It feel so good. Warm and cozy too going into the Fall, Winter and Holiday time! And can I just say, Hot dang the Laird Jacket is back!

Well there you have it, my recap of Season 4 Episode 1, until next time!

Tara Heller is the mother of two boys, who lives in South Central Pennsylvania. However her heart is the South. Although she is fairly new to Outlander, she has truly immersed herself in it. She also loves history, especially the 18th century, genealogy, visiting the coast, spending time with family and blogging  You can read about her MPC story here.

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  • Reply Susan Deveau November 9, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Tara, what a wonderful recap of the new show. I enjoyed your take on it. I enjoyed the show as well, although the Neanderthal people at the beginning threw me a bit, at first. I thought it was a nice segue into the American part of their voyage as opposed to the same type of dance in Scotland.
    As far as Claire’s reaction to Fergus and Marsali’s news, I think it mirrors what was going through her head when they announced it in the book.” Did she change her mind, forget the sponge, or did it not work?” Also, probably some fear for Marsali.
    Then, there’s that final scene! I liked the idea of using “America the Beautiful “. I wish they had used a less recognizable version of the song, something a bit less modern, and I wish the volume had been lower. But the vision of this violent and lawless attack, with the song speaking of the natural beauty is a powerful statement. Now that they’re here, they will be a part of both, the beauty and the violence.

    • Reply Tara Heller November 9, 2018 at 1:46 pm

      Thank you Susan! Thanks for the quote from the book. It’s been awhile since I read Drums and forgot that detail. Thank you for commenting!

  • Reply Alysen November 9, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    Great recap … yeah, I’d forgotten about the opening scene with the Neanderthals (or ?) .. I was wondering if it was another commercial! I hadn’t noticed either that the intro music had changed, the scenes, yes. I just love that song and the voice so much, I guess I was concentrated on that.
    I’m a book reader, presently on Book 6 in third series re-read. And did read last year a few of the Lord John books. I would like to bring up the fact that many of the main characters don’t match the descriptions in the books. I won’t go into that now, but from watching the previews, I think Aunt Jocasta is wayyy too young looking. She’s supposed to be in her 60s and just looks like a young woman with makeup and hair dye! I should know, I’m 63 and look younger, but NOT that young :))) !! I haven’t googled to see who this actress is and her age, just sayin ….

  • Reply Tara Heller November 9, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    Alysen, thanks for commenting! Jocasta is actually portrayed by actress Maria Doyle Kennedy of Downton Abbey fame like Ed Speelers who plays Bonnet. She is also in Tudors. She is actually 54! I’m also curious how she’s going to act blind.

  • Reply Beth Reinhold November 10, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    This is amazing!! You’re such a good writer! I totally agree with everything you said, friend ❤️❤️

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