Cabin Sharing


We found accommodation for the night at a crofter’s cottage. Or I should say I did. The men slept outside, disposed in various haystacks, wagon-beds and patches of bracken. In deference to my sex or my status as semicaptive, I was provided with a pallet on the floor inside, near the hearth.

While my pallet seemed vastly preferable to the single bedstead in which the entire family of six was sleeping, I rather envied the men their open-air sleeping arrangements. The fire was not put out, only damped for the night, and the air in the cottage was stifling with warmth and the scents and sounds of the tossing, turning, groaning, snoring, sweating, farting inhabitants. ~ Claire

(Diana Gabaldon/Outlander)

Do you want to come to the Homecoming but need to split the cost of lodging with others? Would you like to share a cabin or a room with another like-minded, obsessed Sassenach? One of the goals of the Homecoming is to share Jamie & Claire’s 18th century North Carolina. Since sharing lodging, even beds, was a common 18th century practice, it seems to fit perfectly into our Homecoming theme as well!  Seriously, though, we don’t expect you to share a bed or even a room but sharing a cabin is perfectly doable, don’t you think?

Do you want to be like Claire (ahem, minus the snoring, sweating and farting inhabitants part)? We have you covered, Sassenach! During registration, you will have the opportunity to request to share a cabin with other Outlander “fanmily” members who also need to share lodging.

“Share a room? With you?” Je Suis Prest!!!

*Disclaimer:  Please be aware that Outlander North Carolina is not responsible for making cabin-sharing reservations. We will do our best to match you up with others wanting to share a cabin; however, reservations must be made by the consenting parties directly with Leatherwood Mountains Resort.*

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