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The Night Before Christmas
~A Fraser’s Ridge Story~

December 24, 2020

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Ridge

Not a Fraser was stirring, not even a midge.

In hopes that no patients would find their way there.

The wee bairns were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of Cherry Bounce danced in their heads.

Had just settled themselves for a long winter’s frolic!

When at the Big House, there arose such a brattle

Jamie sprang from his bed, ready for battle.

While Jamie rushed out in the cold winter’s night!

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow

Set the Ridge and its dwellings all merrily aglow.

When what to Claire’s wondering eyes should she glance

She knew in a moment, it had to be Clarence.

More rapid than eagles, Jamie swirled to find Ian,

Then Marsali and Fergus, and said, “Are ye seein’?”:

“It’s Rupert! It’s Angus! It’s Murtagh Fitzgibbons!

To the steps of the porch, past the home of White Sow.

They slipped and they scurried, without taking a bow.

As turtle soup that before the hurricane simmers

When taken in plenty, makes hearts start to glimmer. 

So into the doorway, they fell two by two, 

Only to find in her way, that wicked Jack Randall.

As she drew back her hand, and was ready to smack

Who should appear in the hall but poor dear Roger Mac.

He was dressed in a nightshirt, from his neck to his knee

And his hair was all tousled from romping with Bree.

And he looked back at Claire as he saw her alarm.

Jack’s eyes – how they smouldered! His dimples, how icy!

His breath smelled like carrion! And his grin, it was dicey!

And with one shove from Claire, Black Jack landed in snow! 

The stump of a tree caught him full in the teeth

And Jamie finished him off with the knife from his sheath!

That stopped in a flash, with a sighting of Bonnet.

He was silent and swift, as he charged towards Himself

And Claire gasped when she saw him, in spite of Herself.

Jamie gave Claire to know Bonnett soon would not linger.

He spoke not a word, then he noticed a sway

Bonnet’s fate had been sealed by his friend, Lord John Grey!

Their joy changed to fright when they caught sight of Laoghaire!

They sprang to the house, to find Auntie Jocasta

With Jenny & Geillis, all playing Canasta!

As friends gathered round from upstairs and down,

And when they all sat with their bannocks and jam,

Ulysses offered a toast as they drank a wee dram.

And heard on the Ridge, were their voices so bright,

The Night Before Christmas ~ A Fraser’s Ridge Story is an original poem by Beth Pittman, written with a tremendous amount of inspiration from Clement C. Moore’s poem and Diana Gabaldon‘s wonderful cast of characters from the Outlander series of books.

For the past couple of Christmases, Beth has been wanting to re-work this poem with an Outlander theme but just couldn’t find the time. With this year’s pandemic and most of her Christmas shopping, wrapping and baking finished early, she was finally able to find the time. Beth hopes you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it! 

With that said, Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us at Outlander North Carolina!