Homecoming FAQ’s

When is A Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming?

  • The Homecoming will be held September 20 – 23, 2018, in Ferguson, North Carolina.

Where in the world is Ferguson, North Carolina?

  • Ferguson is a rural community located in Wilkes County.  It is in the beautiful Yadkin River Valley, where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the valley. Our beautiful venue is Leatherwood Mountains Resort, 512 Meadow Road, Ferguson, NC 28624.

You mention that this is “an Outlander event like no other”.  Why?

  • Unlike many other Outlander events, The Homecoming focuses on the history of Jamie & Claire’s 18th century North Carolina backcountry wilderness.  We are not “star” focused. We believe that if you love history, which most Diana fans do, you will be blown away by what you will learn and be exposed to during this fun, history-filled weekend!!!  You can go home and brag about it to all your Outlander friends!  For more information on our itinerary, click here.

So, no star appearances then?

  • Although that is not our focus, we will be featuring a pre-recorded Q & A session with Outlander’s Gaelic consultant to the actors, Àdhamh Ó Broin, and Gillebride MacMillan, the bard of Leoch.  The questions will be provided in advance by those who register for The Homecoming by the deadline date of July 31!

Do you have a full itinerary with complete details about who, what, when and where?

  • Yes, we do! You can find it here. Please keep in mind that the itinerary is subject to change so check back often for updates.

I know The Homecoming begins on Thursday and ends on Sunday but what are the times? 

  • You may arrive as early as noon on Thursday.  If you are staying in a cabin at Leatherwood, you must check-out by 12 noon on Sunday unless you have made arrangements to stay longer.

I can’t get there in time to register on Thursday. Can I register Friday morning?

  • Yes, you can but please let us know.  Although we will miss you on Thursday night at the welcome reception, the registration desk will be open Friday morning from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

I want to go to The Homecoming but I can’t pay the whole admission price up front. Help!

  • No worries, Sassenach! You have options! The initial deposit of $125 is required upon registration. However, you can pay the remainder in one payment or in four installments as long as the entire admission cost is paid by July 31, 2018.  After payment of the initial deposit, you can choose your remaining payment option during checkout.

Do you have Day Passes for specific days?

  • Yes!!! We now have two different day passes for Saturday.  One is an all day pass which includes everything for the day and night on Saturday that regular four-day pass holders get.  We also have a daytime pass for just the daytime events. Check out the ticket options with descriptions here.

Can I get a refund on monies paid if I’m unable to attend at the last minute?

  • You can review our cancellation and refund policy here.

What doesn’t the admission price cover?

  • Accommodations
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Breakfast each day
  • Box lunch on Saturday

How do I get Saturday’s “box lunch” and what’s in it?

  • You may order the box lunch upon check-in at the event. The cost will be $10 per person and will include three options as well as choice of beverage.
    • Grilled Chicken Caesar wrap with chips and an apple
    • Grape Chicken Salad on roll with chips and an apple
    • Turkey, bacon & ranch wrap with chips an apple

Do I have to stay onsite?

  • No.  It isn’t mandatory for you to stay on site at Leatherwood Mountains Resort but we do highly encourage it. The nearest hotels are approximately 30 minutes away.  We want you to really experience the “Ridge” and we think the best way for you to do that is to stay onsite.  You can check out Leatherwood’s rental cabins here.  Keep reading below for information on other area accommodations.

What type of payment plan does Leatherwood offer if I book a cabin through them?

  • Click here for a link to their rental agreement which spells it all out!

Does Leatherwood offer any kind of discount for booking a cabin or camping site?

  • Leatherwood is offering $25 off the reservation fee if you book directly with them by phone at 1-800-4NC-MTNS and mention you are coming for A Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming.

Are there camping facilities at Leatherwood?

  • Yes, there are.  Check out Leatherwood’s camping facilities here.  And read more about their campground in the latter portion of this document.

Are the facilities at Leatherwood handicap accessible?

  • A majority of the facilities at Leatherwood are handicap accessible.  The exception is the Hendrix Cabin near the entrance to Leatherwood.  This cabin is over 200 years old and isn’t rented out for lodging but is used for other purposes. It will not be the primary venue we will be using for The Homecoming.
  • Whippoorwill Academy & Village is handicapped accessible except for the schoolhouse. If you need transport from the parking lot to the Village, golf cart transport will be available courtesy of the nice folks at Whippoorwill.
  • Fort Defiance is not handicapped accessible.

How about handicap accessible cabins?

  • Leatherwood does offer handicap accessible cabins. As you are browsing cabins, handicap accessibility will be listed for those cabins.

I heard I can horseback ride at Leatherwood.  Is that true?

  • Yes! Click here for details!  You can also bring your own horse. Leatherwood offers boarding onsite. Click here for info!

How do I get there?

I’d really rather stay at a hotel.  What are my options?

  • Wilkesboro has three hotels and would be your closest option but please keep in mind that it will still be approximately 30 minutes away from our venue.
  • The next closest towns are Lenoir, which is approximately 40 minutes from Leatherwood, and Boone, approximately 50 minutes.
  • Air B&B’s in the area can be found by clicking these links:
  • We encourage you to check the proximity & drive time of any hotel or Air B&B to our venue at Leatherwood on Google Maps prior to making offsite reservations. The address for Leatherwood is 512 Meadow Road, Ferguson, NC 28624.  We don’t want you to miss a thing!

I will be flying to The Homecoming. What is the nearest airport?

  • Both the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte and the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro are approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Leatherwood Mountains Resort.

Will you provide transportation from the airport?

  • As much as we’d love to spend that time getting to know you, our budget won’t permit us to provide transportation.

Is this a kid-friendly event?

  • We love kids and we are friendly but, this is an adult-only event.  Children are welcome to accompany you at your accommodations but we are unable to allow them to accompany you during the various activities.  We’re sorry!

May I bring my pet?

  • Some cabins at Leatherwood are pet-friendly. Please check directly with the resort for pet-friendly cabins. If you are not staying onsite, you should check the pet policy of wherever you are staying.
  • Whippoorwill Academy & Village does not allow pets.
  • Fort Defiance does not allow pets.

Is there anything special I should bring?

  • All of the cabins are supplied with paper products and linens (throw in a beach towel if you book one with a hot tub!) and fully equipped kitchens with drip style coffee makers.  We encourage you to arrive to the cabin with  all your supplies for the weekend (groceries etc.) so that you don’t have to venture out after you arrive.  The closest grocery stores are about 30 minutes from the resort.
  • Bring an umbrella and a camp chair (or something else to sit on) as our activity on Friday will have limited seating and is a “rain or shine” event.

What is the nearest town with a grocery store, drug store, etc.?

  • That would be Wilkesboro, NC, which is about 30 minutes away.   You can check out their business directory here.  And their tourist information here.

I may extend my stay after The Homecoming. Can you give me some recommendations for things to do and see?

I’m ready to register! Where do I do that?

  • Click here, Sassenach, and we will see you in September!

I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Where can I go to get an answer?

  • Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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