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ONC Admin Choice Awards–The Best of Outlander Episode 501, The Fiery Cross

February 21, 2020

Welcome back to the ONC Administrators’ Choice Awards for season five!  Now until the end of Season 5, (we refuse to think about it), some of the ONC administrators and myself will be voting on our “Bests” from the latest Outlander episode.  We enjoyed this fun way to briefly recap each episode last season, and hope you enjoy it as we do! This week’s voting contributors are Tara Heller, Cameron Hogg, Carolyn Baker, Dawn Woo, Mitzie Munroe, Dawn Matthews, and Nancy Roach. So, without further ado, the winners are…

Tara– When Jamie put on his kilt and marched out to round up the Ridge residents.

Cameron- The scene when Roger and Jocasta talk about her plans for who will inherit her estate.

Carolyn – When Jamie prepares and then presents the wedding gifts to Bree.  

Traci – Roger pledging his loyalty to Jamie (and of course Jamie in kilt regalia) 

Dawn W.- Roger claiming Jeremiah as his own….cutting his hand and putting the blood on Wee Jimmie’s forehead and claiming him Blood of my blood and bone of my bone. 

Mitzie – Watching Jamie put his mother’s pearls around Brianna’s neck. Such a touching father, daughter moment.

Nancy– Two moments 1–the flashback to Jamie and Claire’s wedding and the look they gave one another; 2–Jamie’s address to fellow Scott’s to stand by his side.

Dawn M.- Claire and Bree’s time together before the wedding. 

Tara– ‘If Governor Tryon wants a Scot, I will give him a Scot.’ (Traci too, along with background music.) 

Cameron– Jocasta’s response when Ulysses asks if the conversation with Roger went as planned, “even better than I had hoped.”

Carolyn – When Jamie and Bree go outside to begin the wedding ceremony and Jamie exclaims “The Fraser’s of the Ridge are here!”

Dawn W.-Jamie’s speech when he was basically asking his “clan” to pledge fealty. He asked them to stand by his side and he would do the same. Loved it! He molded it to fit their new surroundings…their new way of life.

Mitzie – It’s a toss-up between “The Frasers Are Here”! and “Tryon wants a Scot, I’ll give him a Scot”!

Nancy– I have to agree with Mitzie.

Dawn M.- “If Tryon wants a Scot, I’ll give him a Scot!”

Cameron– I thought Sam and Duncan saying goodbye in the woods was great. Both playing it tough together, but Sam breaking down once Duncan left was poignant without being melodramatic, and seemed very much in character for Jamie. I also thought his pre-wedding rituals and time with Bree were fabulous, so Sam was my pick.

Carolyn – Sam was my pick as well. He did a great job with showing his emotions both with giving his daughter away and in parting with Duncan. Also, with the way he lovingly looked at his wife at the wedding, remembering their own and his love for her.

Traci – Brianna overhearing the Bonnet discussion.

Dawn W. – Sam when Jamie told Murtagh to please be hard to find.

Tara– Sam and his eye acting

Mitzie – I’m going to have to give this one to Sam. Once again we got to see a gauntlet of emotions from him; suspicion, excitement, awe, joyful tears and sorrowful tears, pride, nervous apprehension (did you catch Jamie’s finger tapping), anger, loving admiration, strong confidence and also soul crushing grief.

Nancy– Sam – He became the leader we all have been longing to see!

Dawn M.- Sam. As usual his facial expressions get me every time.

Tara– Seeing Governor Tryon at the wedding.

Carolyn – I loved the look of surprise on both Fergus’ and Marsali’s faces when Jamie called him to pledge his allegiance.

Traci – either Jocasta & Ulysses smugly agreeing that all had gone as planned, or the mention of Duncan Innes’ proposal – wasn’t sure if he would be mentioned or appear at all.

Dawn W. -Jamie calling Fergus…son of my name and of my heart.

Mitzie – When Roger told Jocasta to take her money and “cram it up your hole, aye?”! And she laughs! Those are some Mackenzie’s for you, sizing each up; dishing it and taking it.

Nancy– Roger’s rebuff to Jocasta about her money, “Cram it up your hole!”

Dawn M.- That Roger had taken some time to manscape his back and he and Bree weren’t hard to watch in the bed scene?!

Tara– I cracked up when Germaine said, “Grand-Pere says all Presbyterians have hair ticks.”

Carolyn – I loved Ulysses’ reaction and laughter when he turned to Jocasta to ask if she was pleased with her conversation with Roger, as Roger stomped off.

Traci – “Hair-ticks” too, but Roger’s face as he is being shaved by Jamie gets honorable mention!

Dawn W.-The tongue twister contest….Marsali’s pheasant plucking twister and then LJG and his Shakespeare

Mitzie – During the tongue twister game, poor LJG just couldn’t relate: “Some Shakespeare, anyone”?

Nancy– John Quincy Myers falling down drunk. I was so glad they represented his comical antics.

Dawn M.- “Cram it up yer hole, aye?”

Tara– I enjoyed the whole wedding/wedding after party. Marsali during the drinking game cracked me up. I want to sit at her table.

Carolyn – The feel of the entire episode was heart-warming. The “Big House” and surroundings felt just like home.

Traci – The gathering: seeing the Scottish community coming together, celebrating, and making their new homes in NC.
Dawn W.-the gathering as a whole…the dancing and “community” after the wedding

Mitzie – When Jamie dons his kilt and sets the cross ablaze, setting the stage for a rallying speech to draw loyalty from the Ridge residents. The musical accompaniment was perfect as it brought memories back from when Jamie was rallying and training his troops during the Jacobite rebellion.

Nancy– This episode. When we start ranking them, this will be my favorite.

Dawn M.– The fact that Jaime and Claire have their groove back.

Tara– Governor Tryon and his wedding crashers

Carolyn – That Murtagh had to part ways with Jocasta and she let go of his hand, and with Jamie, and how it pained him to do both.

Traci – the “bigger-than-big” big house, the Spanish moss, and redcoats that have to ruin everything.

Dawn W. -when Jamie came out dressed in his kilt and he nodded to Claire and she nodded….I thought that was hokey. There should’ve been some dialogue. I just don’t think Claire would not have had something to say.

Mitzie – Watching Murtagh’s fate unfold more and more with each episode. I hated seeing Jamie release him from his vow. With that bond verbally broken, I’m scared to see if their emotional bond will withstand.

Nancy– I have to speak for the Outlanimals. Where were they? I expected to at least hear Clarence welcoming the visitors to the Ridge. Lol! However, I’m sure that would have been too noisy and distracting. I do hope we eventually hear the White Sow making unholy sounds underneath the big house.

Dawn M.– I loved the episode that Starz made, but it strayed so far from the book. Since the opening of book 5 is my favorite of all the scenes, I was really disappointed that it was just a wedding, and not a true gathering. Sigh

So, now that we’ve voted, it’s your turn? Agree? Disagree? Tell us in the comments who or what gets your vote for “Best” Awards for Episode 501, The Fiery Cross. Leave it in the comments!

Outlander North Carolina

Memories of Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming, Part 2

November 2, 2019

Part 2 of our great weekend for Return to the Ridge at Leatherwood Mountain Resort–two more attendees share what impressed them the most over the long weekend. Enjoy!

Lane Moore, along with so many others who witnessed Robert K. Rambo’s portrayal of Attakullakulla, Peace Chief of the Cherokee Nation, felt transported back in time:

“I was spellbound. I had gone from enjoying a scotch egg, a cup of coffee and some light conversation with newfound friends to being captivated in a matter of moments. Standing before us in all his glory was the great Peace Chief of the Cherokee, Attakullakulla. Without even needing to close my eyes I was taken back to another time, another culture, another sense of being. The place was the same to be sure, for we all were in the land of his people. We were all instantly aware that we were guests, his guests.

Robert Rambo’s stunning portrayal of Attakullakulla is just one of the unforgettable moments I had while at the Homecoming this year. To have been in such an immersive yet comfortable setting was a blessing and I cannot thank everyone involved enough for the experience.”

Harmony Tersanschi is one of the organizers, but even after “working,” she came away with a sense of family:

Thursday morning: a picturesque sunrise crept over the mountaintop. There was a blanket of fresh dew on the ground, a slight chill in the air, birds chirping, the horses grazing. I could’ve stayed there all day enjoying the sights & sounds. Alas, duty called and our admin team was excited and ready to get the day going! Okay, okay, we might’ve been rubbing our eyes, yawning, and slinging back the coffee, but we were all still super excited! The next few hours we spent finishing up the remaining decorations & readying the Hendrix Cabin for Registration.  Stephanie Bryant and I were manning the Fraser’s Ridge photo booth, so we, of course, had to take a test shot with Jamie & Claire while we anxiously awaited the first attendees to arrive.

The rest of the afternoon was a whirlwind of pictures, props, (“I’m only here for the whisky”, and “To bed or to sleep” being some of the favorite word clouds), new-but-familiar faces, moonshine tasting from Copper Barrel Distillery, bagpipes played by Bruce Wright, the Overmountain Men, treasure hunting, fresh roasted North Carolina peanuts from Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts, and tons of smiles. I’m not sure what I was originally expecting, but this surpassed any hope I might’ve had about what that day was going to be like. I’ve never quite experienced being surrounded by a ton of people I’ve never actually met, yet having this sense of being with long-time friends and family. With each new hug and “I’m so happy to finally meet you,” it became apparent that this weekend was going to be like one big ol’ family reunion & I was thrilled to be a part of it!

Rather than talk about each day separately, I’m going to break it down into my different experiences throughout the weekend. Anyone who knows me, knows that the way to my heart is on a plate, preferably filled with yummy fattening food, so I’m starting where it counts……the food! Thursday night was filled with wings, fries, meatballs, chips, veggies and dip, signature Outlander themed cocktails from the bar, and a plethora of desserts and treats. All eaten outside on the picnic tables, with string lights overhead, while the band Celtic Sessions played. It was a hungry gal’s dream & I was definitely hungry but thankfully not dreaming. The rest of the weekend brought North Carolina barbecue from JD’s Smokehouse, jalapeño cheese grits that were to die for, a turkey avocado sub from Saddlebrook Bar & Grill, little tea cakes and cookies, a charcuterie spread that had you wiping the drool from the corner of your mouth with one glance at the table, beef stew with dumplings, chicken stew, roasted venison, mashed potatoes, kale salad lovingly prepared by Dawn Matthews. Last but most certainly not least, we all had a nip of Mary Helen’s Cherry Bounce. This bounce was unlike any cherry bounce I have tried, not that I’ve tried many, but it was delicious! So much so that it might’ve sent a couple of us admin’s scouring the barn for the reserves. (That was supposed to be a secret though, so the story shall be that I thoroughly enjoyed my ONE little glass of Cherry Bounce and called it a night, *wink wink.*)

Next up, let’s talk about classes and workshops. I, along with the rest of the organizer team, spent most of the next couple of days running from class to class, setting up and breaking down, hosting workshops and classes of our own, and taking any spare second we could to stop and chat with the attendees. It was a rush and it was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time! I didn’t sit in on any one full class, but I was able to score a couple of video interviews from two of the presenters. I got to meet the members of the 71st Highland Regiment and get a tour of their encampment as well as sit down with 18th Century Physician, portrayed by Chris Grimes, to hear about common medical practices from that time.

Lessons of an 18th c. Physician from Chris Grimes
71st Highlanders Encampment

Moving right along to the music and entertainment, which was, without a doubt, one of my favorite aspects of the weekend. The bands and musicians that we heard throughout the Homecoming, were phenomenal.  We were so lucky to have The Celtic Sessions, Dogwood, Thistle & Heather, Tom Eure, and Kathy Wallace performed for us throughout the weekend, and I really can’t say enough good things about the entertainment. The musicians, the Warriors of AniKituhwa, the Druid Dance, and Chief Attakullakulla, were all just so wonderful, and a great time was had by all!

Right now you’re thinking, how could it possibly get any better than this right? , well brace yourselves because I haven’t even gotten to the best part. The best and most memorable part of A Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming was by far, the attendees! This weekend, most of us met as strangers but we all left as family. We might be a slightly-crazy-mildly-Outlander-obsessed-cherry-bounce-drinking family, but we are now family nonetheless and I will cherish the new friendships made, along with experiences shared, from now until next year when I get to go back and do it all over again! Fraser’s Ridge 2020 or bust……who’s with me?

Thank you, Lane and Harmony, for sharing with us! We hope you’re enjoying our look back on Return to the Ridge: Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming 2019. There is so much to tell, it’s impossible to keep it in two posts, so, next week, part 3!