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ONC Admins Choice Awards for Episode 509, Monsters and Heroes

April 25, 2020

Welcome back to the season five ONC Administrators’ Choice Awards!  Now until the end of this season, (we refuse to think about it), some of the ONC administrators and myself will be voting on our “Bests/Mosts/Leasts” from the latest Outlander episode.  We enjoyed this fun way to briefly recap each episode last season, and hope you enjoy it as we do! This week’s voting contributors are Dawn Woo, Stephanie Bryant, Nancy Roach, and Susan Jackson. So, without further ado, the winners for episode, Monsters and Heroes are…

Dawn: Ian’s speech to Jamie about losing a limb. He spoke of his admiration for Jamie and how courageous he now realized his father was. He scolded Jamie for his foolish thinking.

Stephanie: Agree with Dawn, Ian’s passionate speech to Jamie was incredible!

Nancy: Claire and Jamie entwined as Claire wills him back to life.

Susan:  When Ian tries to convey to Jamie that living life as an amputee doesn’t have anything to do with weakness. As a mother of an amputee, I understand what Ian is feeling.

Dawn: Roger to Jamie when they were discussing the pact to kill Bonnet: “But whosoever offends one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were tied about his neck, and he drowned in the depth of the sea, Matthew chapter 18, verse 3.” Jamie: “Verse 6.”

Stephanie: The foreshadowing from Lizzie “‘Tis a good day for dyeing,” right after we see Jamie bitten by the snake. Then Claire says “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you or Jamie,” more foreshadowing.

Nancy: Jamie “Whether I’m dead or you, whether we’re together or apart, I will always love you.” (🎬Cue Whitney Houston🎼)

Susan: When Jamie finally shows his trust and faith in Roger, “Unfortunately for you, the son must pay the for the sins of the father – for my mistakes, you must do this.”

Dawn: Caitriona Balfe-Her portrayal of Claire just seems effortless…natural.

Stephanie: Definitely Sam. He portrayed the snake scene and the aftermath with such raw emotions. 

Nancy: Sam Heughan stood out in this one. His performance as a sick, dying man was excellent! Caitriona’s performance was also moving.

Susan:  I’m the one on the fence–Caitriona and Sam were both excellent in this episode.

Dawn: the appearance of the buffalo/bison in the yard

Stephanie: How Jamie told Roger to kill Bonnet if he didn’t survive and Roger saying he didn’t know if he could do it. I would think Bonnet raping Bree would’ve made him angry enough for revenge.

Nancy: Even though I knew it was coming —Jamie appearing to die for a moment and Claire bringing him back to life.

Susan:  Marsali giving birth to Felicite in the woods on a family excursion–did that happen in the book? My memory ain’t what it used to be.

Dawn: Jamie to Claire when she talked about doing the autopsy on the cobra bite victim: “You should work on your bedside manner, Sassenach.”

Stephanie: Little Jimmy saying “Shit” repeating what Roger said.

Nancy:  Opening scene where Roger is initiating sex with Brianna, Jemmy interrupts. Roger saying “Shit! Something stung me” and Jemmy repeating, “Shit”. Jamie pounding on the door and calling for them. Jamie asks, “Roger Mac, you there?“ Roger mutters under his breath, “Where else would we be?”

Susan:  Jemmy repeating a bad word after his Da–been there, done that!

Dawn: The discussion between Jamie and Claire at the end where he was talking about his decision to live or die:  “There is a war coming. God has given me a duty.”

Stephanie: I think Roger stepping up saving Jamie and the bonding the two had, due to Jamie getting bitten, was definitely great to see in this episode.

Nancy: The whole episode was wonderful. It just goes to show that the best episodes are the ones that follow the book. I also loved that this episode provided a bonding opportunity between Jamie and Roger.

Susan:  Seeing the connection between Claire and Jamie again–it’s been missing in the show. That’s what I love about them as a couple–their love literally transcends time and space, and it was comforting to see them as they are written.

Dawn: Another great episode. I can’t find anything.

Stephanie: Only thing I didn’t care for was the way the buffalo flung Bree in the air. She definitely wouldn’t have gotten right up after that!

Nancy:  Maggots—not a fan.

Susan:  Marsali having that baby in the woods still doesn’t sit right with me–it just didn’t fit in this episode for me.

So, now that we’ve voted, it’s your turn! Agree? Disagree? Tell us in the comments who or what gets your votes for Episode 509, Monsters and Heroes.